Level 0 Information Pack

Level O guide to being a competitive swimmer

We welcome you to the Electric Eels Club family. 

Level 0

After going through the Wahoo learn to swim/stroke programme, you have established that your child has the potential to excel in competitive swimming.  Your child has gone through the programme to ensure that they are water safe and has partaken in club nights (which serve as a confidence builder) for you to identify their unique talent in swimming.  Club Nights introduce competitive swimming in a friendly and encouraging environment.  

Having decided, as a family to support your budding swimmer, you are now officially part of the Electric Eels Club. The journey is one filled with lessons such as self-discipline, team work, self-motivation, goal setting, and many more.  

From the Wahoo team, we are truly pleased that you have extended your relationship with Wahoo to be part of the Electric Eels family.  This guide is to provide you with information pertaining to the start of competitive swimming. 

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to speak to any of the coaches.

The Basics

The CGA Level 0 programme is aimed at providing an introduction to competitive swimming for entry level swimmers of all ages. This level was successfully introduced and provided four galas, culminating in the Level 0 Championships. CGA coaches and Learn To Swim instructors supported this initiative and so the CGA decided to continue with the programme.

As a new swimmer, your child will be entered into Level 0 through the Electric Eels club.  The cost of joining is R500 which is broken down to, R100 to slush fund, R80 for  your cap,  R100 to CGA and the balance to Electric EELs. As level 0 serves to introduce your child to competitive swimming, the times recorded for your child by CGA will be on a separate database and their times will not be forwarded to Swimming South Africa for entry onto its database.  Only once your child has reached level 1 time will they be seeded in level 1 age group standard.

CGA will provide four centralised meets for swimmers during the season as well as a championship gala.  As a registered swimmer with Electric Eels, you will be notified by your coach of upcoming galas and your entry for these galas to ensure that you are ready when the day arrives. 

Level 0,1,2,3 demystified

Level 0 is for young swimmers first coming into the system and who are unable to; as yet, achieve the higher level qualifying times. At this level the swimmer takes part in +- 5 galas (inclusive of the Level 0 Championships) during the season.  This is the starting point for competitive swimming.

Level 1 is the 1st level of serious swimming – at this level the swimmer takes part in regular galas held at Delville. During these galas one of the objectives is to get qualifying times for level 1 Nationals and qualifying times to be promoted to level 2/3.

Level 2 and 3 are the top levels of swimming and from these levels you can qualify to swim regional championships or qualify for Junior Nationals or Senior Nationals.  The importance of taking part in the level galas is that you are training towards an objective (CGA Champs) and in the championships there are medals to be won.   The ultimate is that from these galas you can be selected to take part in national and international events.

Help your child become a strong competitor, by:

  • Emphasising and rewarding effort rather than outcome. 
  • Understanding that your child may need a break from sports occasionally. 
  • Encouraging and guiding your child, not forcing or pressuring them to compete. 
  • Emphasising the importance of learning and transferring life skills such as hard work, self-discipline, teamwork, and commitment. 
  • Emphasising the importance of having fun, learning new skills, and developing skills. 
  • Showing interest in their participation in sports, asking questions. 
  • Giving your child some space when needed. Allow children to figure things out for themselves. 
  • Keeping a sense of humour. If you are having fun, so will your child. 
  • Giving unconditional love and support to your child, regardless of the outcome of the day's competition. 
  • Enjoying yourself at competitions. Make friends with other parents, socialising, and have fun. 
  • Looking relaxed, calm, and positive when watching your child compete. 
  • Realising that your attitude and behaviours influences your child's performance. 
  • Having a balanced life of your own outside sports. 


Question:  What do I need to do to ensure that my child is ready for galas

  • Answer:  Encourage your child and ensure that you are there to support him/her in their process of becoming the best swimmer they can be

Question:  How do I explain the various stages of swimming capability?

  • Answer: Understanding the time standards for grading is crucial if your child intents to be a recognised swimmer in the swimming fraternity.  
  • These time standards are firstly a great way for swimmers to set goals for achievement for themselves, but are also a good way to understand effort put in versus a broader scope of the swimming fraternity across the country. The time standards are available on the CGA website: www.cgaswim.org

Question: What do I need to do to ensure my child is ready for their first meet?

  • Answer: Ensure that you are Electric Eels email list for updates regarding meet registrations
    • Ensure that your child puts in the amount of training required to ensure that their expectations at the meet are duly met according to their level of effort’
    • Establish the necessary eating requirements as part of the build-up to the meet  
    • On the day, be the best supporter you could ever be!

Final Message

We look forward to being part of your child’s swimming excellence! 

If for any reason you need further guidance regarding your child’s state of readiness to be part of the Electric Eels squad, please do not hesitate to speak to your coach who will assist you and provide the necessary guidance regarding preparations for the Level 0 Galas

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